XelHa or Xcaret

Want to know the difference between Xelha and Xcaret?  If you’re like me and find yourself short on money and/or time on your upcoming trip to Cancun and can only choose one eco-park,  let me help you pick!

Beautiful Xcaret

In the last ten years,  I have had the pleasure of visiting Cancun and the Riviera Maya a total of seven times. I always called it “Mexico’s Gateway Destination” and after a three year break of discovering other places and beaches in Mexico,  I finally returned to the crystal blue waters of the Riviera Maya. One thing that was on my to-do list was to visit one of the several eco-parks, something I had never done on my many spring break trips. I knew I wanted to see either Xelha or Xcaret , but I couldn’t decide which one or tell the real difference between them. I found myself asking the same question I am sure many vacationers strapped for time ask themselves, “Xelha or Xcaret?”

Thankfully in the end, I was lucky enough to visit both. What I found was that they are completely different in their own unique ways and nothing at all like I expected (I expected Disneyland-ishness)! I could not believe that after all my past visits to the Riviera Maya, I never experienced these beautiful parks before. So now that I have encountered both, let me break down the difference between Xelha and  Xcaret  for my fellow vacationers who question which to go to (although I insist on making time for both if you can!).

 You can read the full, detailed article on Mexico Today : “The Riviera Maya: Mexico’s Gateway Destination

 OR.. Here’s a photo summary!


What I appreciate most about this park is it shows off the colors, sounds, and cultures found throughout all of Mexico, and it sparks the interest of the tourists visiting. The experience of Xcaret transforms the image of Mexico seen as being only one big beautiful beach, and demonstrates that it is SO much more. 

Traditional Mayan Cemetary

World Record for Guacamayas

Mayan Performance

Mexican Charreada

Voladores de Papantla

Xcaret Mexico Espectacular


Xel-Ha is a perfect blend of rest and relaxation while still offering different aquatic activities. What I liked most about this park, besides the obvious natural beauty, is it is all inclusive: food, drinks, towels, snorkel gear.. the works.  The park was completely my style, a beach-bum who doesn’t like to get my hair wet yet still surrounding myself in all the excitement and beauty that nature has to offer.

A View of XelHa

Lazy River

Nature Tour

This post is a post featured on MexicoToday.org.  Read  “The Riviera Maya: Mexico’s Gateway Destination ” for a full detailed description about my time in Xel Ha and Xcaret.



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