The Top 5 Mistakes Expats Make When Shipping Their Vehicle to Mexico

As a native of the United States planning a move to Mexico, you may find that it is nearly impossible to address all facets on your own. With all of the wonderful moving companies and transporters throughout the world, finding local businesses with the right services and qualities to assist your relocation shouldn’t be too complicated. Of course, you will need to make sure that the companies that you call for more information and quotes are verifiably experienced in international transport.

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If it is a vehicle that you wish to transport to another country, it is nearly impossible to conduct the process without the services of qualified nationwide auto transportation enterprise. International auto transport companies like A1AutoTransport understand the difficulties of getting a vehicle into another country. They will do everything they can to make the process of shipping successful, like Arrow Express specialists manage to do. Nonetheless, the outcome of the vehicle’s import into Mexico is also the vehicle owner’s responsibility. Without being aware of the most common mistakes that expats make when it comes to shipping their vehicle internationally, you could easily put your vehicle and your pocketbook in harm’s way.


  1. Paying a large down payment or for full services before the shipping process begins.
    Unfortunately, those unfamiliar with how auto transport works can easily fall into the hands of a scam artist. Nearly all reputable transporters won’t expect payment until the job has been completed and the vehicle has safely arrived at its destination. Be cautious of any company asking for money upfront.

  1. Not researching the transport company before hiring them for services.
    Researching the companies that are local to you is important. Find a transport business that specializes in international auto shipping and carries a well-noted reputation for their successful deliveries. They should also have proof of DOT approval and other facts validating their authenticity as a shipping company.

  1. Not asking if the company carries insurance coverage.
    It is quite uncommon for anyone to receive damages on their vehicle during the transport. Despite of this, if an accident were to occur while the vehicle was in the hands of someone other than its owner, insurance coverage is important, according to Austin car accident lawyer. Your personal insurance policy is ineffective when the vehicle is the responsibility of someone else and therefore it will not cover the automobile during its shipping process. The added protection is a requirement for all transport companies and it helps guarantee their services.

  1. Not preparing the automobile as asked by the transporters.
    Despite the more arduous task of complying with the Embassy of Mexico in regards to the country’s import policies, the vehicle will need to be readied for its travels. The prep work is all in the best interest of the vehicle and those handling it during the shipping process. Fortunately, the requests include simple tasks such as cleaning the vehicle and making sure the fuel is less than a quarter full.

  1. Not presenting the proper documentation to Customs.
    If you hire a reputable overseas transport company, it is more likely that you will comply with the regulations of the import policy in place. The transporter will have experienced personnel help you gather the proper documentation. However, there are many individuals who fail to present the proof asked for. This will immediately put a damper on the transport process especially in a time crunch. Until all regulations are addressed and satisfied, the vehicle will not be permitted into the country.

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