Planning A Trip To Mexico’s Pueblos Mágicos (Magic Towns)

Searching for accommodations in Mexico’s most smallest and interesting towns is quite hard to do using the internet. After plenty of experience –and last minute panic — I’ve developed a system to find not only plenty of hotel options via the net, but also an abundance of information to ensure your trip is a ‘magical’ experience.

Finding hotels in towns like this isn’t impossible

It is no secret that I love visiting the small, traditional towns throughout Mexico. When Mexico Desconocido came out with the 2012 edition of the Pueblos Magicos book,  I grabbed myself three copies! It included the complete guide to Mexico’s 54 Magic Towns… they hadn’t published one since 2007 when there were only 35! Those guides are my bible to discovering Mexico. It highlights on-and-off the path things to do, see, eat and experience. While the guides are spot on and have made each of my trips fantastical, there is one thing that it lacks – complete hotel information.

For almost all 12 of the Magic Towns (MT) I have visited, I have found it quite hard (near impossible) to find any hotel information online. Unfortunately, these small pueblos in Mexico still aren’t up with the times (but that’s what makes them charming, right?) and don’t really care to provide any online information. And Trip Advisor? Psh, forget it! So, I’m going to give you some advice on how to hunt out hotel information for small towns in Mexico. My best advice is think outside of the box; when your Google search with “Hotels in Mexico Magic Town” comes up useless, don’t give up!

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