Forever Began in Huatulco

Visiting the 9 bays of Huatulco, Oaxaca is an amazing discovery and surprise. A very natural and eco-friendly experience with gorgeous views makes it a perfect beach escape combined with visiting Oaxaca City.

View from El Faro

09′ Fall semester, my final year of college, had just started and I had just got back from my Puebla study abroad trip.  I was missing Mexico (and my summer fling) but figured with time, I would move on and life would go back to normal. So there I was….celebrating “Welcome Weekend” at CMU with all my friends who I hadn’t seen. As I faked my smiles, it became clear to me that I didn’t want any of this anymore; I just wanted to be back in Mexico. The feeling continued until I soon found Halloween approaching.  I thought to myself how how much of a trashy spectacle Halloween was, and then it hit me… why pay hundreds of dollars to dress up in skanky costumes and get drunk when I could spend that same amount and fly back to Mexico for the weekend?

Nervous to bring this idea to my summer latin lover (whom I barely kept in touch with) I anxiously told him I wanted to come back and if he could take me on a weekend trip for the holiday. With the thought that he and I would never see each other again in our lives,  he was surprised by this idea and happily agreed. He planned for us to do a beach/culture getaway;  2 days in Huatulco & 2 days in Oaxaca over Halloween/Dia de los Muertos weekend.

Palms sweating and heart racing, those sliding doors opened as I cleared customs and stepped into Mexico City. When I saw Eddy, I seriously forgot how to breathe for a minute; I was so happy to see him and be back in Mexico. We immediately headed to the main bus terminal from the airport to start our journey to Huatulco.

Tangolunda Bay

After 16 hours on an ADO bus, we arrived to the hotel, Las Brisas Huatulco. This was a mega complex built into the cliffs along Tangolunda Bay with amazing views of the ocean and mountains, a very beautiful property with several private swimming beaches. We threw on our b-suits and hit the pool to relax, we couldn’t believe this was all happening again.

Huatulco was never on my radar and I really knew nothing about it…. but in 2 days I quickly learned that this is a perfect tourist beach destination that I had been missing out on. The next morning, Eddy arranged a boat tour for us to discover the 9 famous bays that makes up Huatulco along a 22- mile stretch of coastline. Each of the bays and 30+ beaches it held were unique; some lined with restaurants, some bare, other for water sports and several for snorkeling and surfing.  As we skidded by, you could see each bay had their own personality and charm.

Huatulco Snorkel Tour

My favorite one was the first spot we docked to snorkel. It was one of the bays west of Santa Cruz that is accessible only by boat. A serene picture-perfect spot, the bay had soft white sand and crystal azul waters,  absolutely no construction of any kind and actually belonged to the large protected area (an impressive 30,000 acres of National Park).  It was simply breathtaking. The water wasn’t extremely deep and provided plenty of rock formations and corals allowing for great views of underwater life. We also stopped at another bay lined with restaurants serving fresh seafood. I recall we ordered a shrimp platter served in a pineapple, obviously they were unforgettable flavors.

Later that evening we headed into La Crucecita, the small town center for Huatulco. It’s very quaint and Mexican. Unlike many other beach destination cities, you won’t find commercial restaurants, shopping malls, and posh nightclubs. It’s a small zocalo, with a church and local shops and restaurants.

Chapulines in Maguey Shop

We jumped inside a taxi and asked him “what can we do?”  and surprisingly the taxi driver  turned into our own private tour guide. He took us into a weaving workshop full of beautiful patterns  and also a Maguey shop where we sampled several types of Maguey, which comes from the agave plant and is a mezcal (origins from Oaxaca). It is here where I tried my first Chapuline (grasshopper). I had never heard of chapulines before, but Eddy told me it was a local Oaxacan treat, so without hesitation I piled my tortilla chip with salsa, cheese, mole and sprinkled grasshoppers on top. Tasted salty!

By now it was around sunset and our taxi driver insisted we visit El Faro (the lighthouse), which is at the end tip of Santa Maria Bay. A few minutes away, he drove us up to the most beautiful view I had ever seen of the ocean.  This was the absolute highlight of the trip. The view of the bays against the mountains in the rainbow colored clouds was just astonishing and brought me a feeling I will never forget.

El Faro Huatulco

When night fell, we decided it would be best to travel overnight and arrive to Oaxaca City in the early morning. We headed to the bus station and began our 8 hour journey inland. Although sad to leave the beach, Oaxaca City is one of the main places to experience traditional Día de Muertos celebrations and I was excited. Huatulco is a destination I definitely recommend to anyone looking to vacation in Mexico. The natural beauty is something I found truly marvelous about this destination and I was so impressed to learn the initiatives they are doing to keep this tourist destination eco-friendly and sustainable. I look forward to visiting again and spending more time there.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t decide to take this trip. The trip that brought me back to life, made me feel at home, and officially started an incredible journey and relationship with my better half, Eddy.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Oh, I am so excited…you guys ended-up together? This is an amazing post and an amazing story. Dying to visit Huatulco now…

    Were you talking about Central Michigan? My mom went there. We are from Michigan.

    • Kristin! Yes, we ended up making it “official” the next day in Oaxaca (that post will come soon!)… and have been together since… Still long distance after 2 years but that will finally come to an end next week (I’m moving to DF!). Thanks for the feedback.. And yes, definitely talking about Central Michigan! Very cool to find Michiganders.. where from? I’m from Sterling Heights.

  2. Laura says:

    I’m also a fan of Zipolite and Puerto Escondido. Oaxaca’s got some great beach towns! Glad you’re in DF now, and I can’t wait to meet Eddy, he sounds like a great guy! 😉

  3. Lindsay says:

    Such a great story. Refreshing to know that you followed your heart, and that it worked!!

  4. Hi there, everything is going perfectly here and ofcourse every one is sharing information, that’s genuinely fine, keep up writing.

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