Mazatlán, at Last.


I’ve always wanted to go to Mazatlán, Sinaloa. I’ve researched and planned every time it was “vacation time”, and it never happened, we always ended up somewhere else. Well, after visiting every other Mexican beach, I got the invitation to go to Mazatlán for a tweet-up sponsorted by the Mexico Tourism Board. After all my reserach about the colonial downtown, the Ángela Peralta Theater  and the 11 mile Malecón, I had high expectations. It was a 3 day weekend full of dinners and activities, most of the times our heads down and thumbs racing as we tweeted away #wevisitmexico. We were staying at  Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, one of the nicest hotel in Mazatlán. I brought Eddy with me on this “press-trip” as you may say, and we tried to squeeze in as much as possible in Mazatlán, taking a bus from Puerto Vallarta up along the Pacific Coast.


Arriving early our first night, we had to figure out our own accommodations. We ended up at La Siesta, right under $75 dollars a night, it was surprisingly decent. It had a perfect location in downtown, right off the  Malecón and few blocks from main attractions. We arrived at sunset and on a mission, the first part of our Mazatlán experience was a ride in a  Pulmonía (pull-mo-knee-ah)! A pulmonía, something like a large golf cart, is the traditional way to get around in Mazatlán . So we pulmonía’d our way along the Malecón and to the downtown through Plaza Machado. It was smaller than I expected but still really pretty. The Plaza is a perfect rectangle, bordered by nice restaurants and cafes with outdoor seating and all lit up with theatrical lighting, making it the perfect “chill spot”. And of course, this chill spot wouldn’t have been complete without the solo Mexican guitarist who was ready to serenade anyone ready.

Plaza Machado

We woke up bright and early the next day and headed back to Plaza Machado. Off the Malecón, a straight shoot on Calle Constitución takes you right where you need to be. Oh my, how everything transformed! From night to day it was a completely different feel. Mazatlán is the only beach resort with an authentic downtown with renovated 19th century buildings, and let me tell you, this aspect truly makes Mazatlán  a unique beach destination. Each building colorfully painted, it’s just refreshing, and it is just like the advertisement! The ‘main attractions’ are all situated right next to each other. An easy walking tour of  Teatro Ángela Peralta,  Basílica de la Inmaculada Concepción church, and the Pino Suarez market  is possible in just about 2 hours.  After filling our stomachs upstairs in the comedor at the market, we decided it was time for the tweet-up agenda to begin, and we headed on over to Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay.

Arriving at the hotel, it was beautiful. The grounds were meticulously landscaped and winded around the large complex of neo-classical style buildings. I had never stayed at an all-inclusive so uniquely designed, I was impressed. Meeting my fellow tweeters, I was among Matador Network, Twenty-Something Travel, The Domestic Buzz, The Lost Girls, Art of Backpacking, Stay Adventurous– and more, it was quite amazing! We headed to Diego’s Beach Grill, a  restaurant on the beach with perfect views of the sunset. It was probably the best seafood meal I had during my trip and also provided the perfect setting.  The days to follow were seamlessly paced, filled with adventures like ATVs, yachts, kayaks, snorkel, banana boats, tequila tours and more! I’ll be sure to write a post more in-depth about all the amazing things I took part of, but a short recap…Huanacoa Canopy Company is really good, and so is the trip to Deer Island. For once I opened myself up to new things and I found that I really enjoy doing these types of activities. For as many times that I had been to Mexico,  I had never really fully immersed myself in an “adventure-like” state of mind, and I am so glad I finally did. I discovered new things not only about Mexico, but about myself.

At the end of the trip, unfortunately I became a victim of some sort of food bug. However, it was totally worth it, all the meals I had were amazing, especially the one in El Quelite! All in all, Mazatlán far exceeded my expectations. I constantly found myself in great company, whether I was with my travel partner, new found friends or alone with nature, it kept me smiling.  Comparing Mazatlán to all the other Mexican beaches, I think it truly “has it all”. I’d say it’s a more authentic version of Puerto Vallarta and a definite place on anyone’s travel list.

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  1. Patty says:

    Sound like a nice time…another place I should check out once I get more adventurous

  2. susan says:

    I’ve never been to Mazatlán but have always wanted to. like you I’ve always end up somewhere else. Reading your article really inspired me to make the effort.


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