For the past year, creating a blog has been on my “list of things to do”.. however during that period, I fought with myself back and forth about it and questioning whether or not I should. When blogs started becoming wildly popular not too long ago, I asked myself.. What exactly is a blog? And how is it different from an online journal? I’ve been using Live Journal since 2004 (ps.  whoever thought it was smart for high school girls to write a public diary was WRONG! So much drama came from “omg did you see what she wrote in her LJ?”)

Anyways, I’ve been writing since 2004, but more as a reminder of something I personally could look back on as blogs weren’t crazy popular at the time.  Then in 2009, I started a new Live Journal account, where I would talk about my experiences leading up to my study abroad trip in Mexico and thereafter. This is where I started to express my decision to study in Mexico, how much it meant to me and how my life goals were shaped because of Mexico. It also included my actual experiences of living in Mexico and a few reflection pieces after.

This journal was my “blog” all along. Mind you it was completely and perhaps too personal, but it also expressed something that was significant to me, how utterly annoyed I was with people telling me negative things about Mexico and not understanding why I felt completely opposite of all the media flurry. My entries are half rants and raves, but none the less with an underlying theme… I love Mexico, I want to share with others what I know about Mexico, and I want people to open their eyes and realize everything is not how media makes it .. and most importantly….. there is a life outside of The United States.

So, recently I’ve met some amazing women who run their personal Mexico blogs such as themexicoreport gringanationcancun, gomexicoguide, cancuncanuck, and theothersideofthetortilla – and they’ve truly inspired me. These blogs get the positive message out about Mexico in fun, informative and real manner. Written stories sharing experiences that come from within and some from actually living in Mexico. Meeting these women and reading their blogs have helped me understand the difference between my personal journal that I have been writing in and an actual blog. It has shown me the power of this platform, what type of influence and impression it has on others and the fact that it would be the best forum for me to share what I know.

So here it goes- Mexican at, my chance to PROPERLY engage with you my passion, my expertise, and my experiences in Mexico. From places to people and triumphs to failures, I will share with you what I’ve learned in the different places I’ve visited in Mexico, and how I deal with assimilating into this new culture that I now call home.

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  1. Will says:

    Hey, I’ve only just come accross your blog, I really like it. Love the enthusiasm and love for Mexico. I’ve been living in Mexico City for almost 2 years now and just recently started a blog about life here. I’m looking forward to having a proper snoop around and reading more of your stuff 🙂

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