El Quelite, Mazatlán

A short 20 mile ride from Mazatlán’s center is a small rural town called El Quelite. The pueblo is set as a perfect example of ‘rural tourism’ and is is a trip worth taking for real authentic Mexican food and experience. During my trip for the Mazatlán tweet-up, thankfully a trip to El Quelite was part of the groups itinerary, but only for a short meal.

The restaurant we visited was El Meson de Los Laureanos . I ordered the Barbacoa Borrego (Barbequed Goat) and Eddy Carnitas (Pork). Accompanied with fresh tortillas, rice and beans, both were traditional, filling, and delicious! The restaurant was actually the house in which the owner, Dr. Osuna, grew up in. Dr. Asuna, walked around and ensured everyone was enjoying their meal and told stories about his small town. He was an inspiration to our group as he explained that he puts most of the money he makes back into the community to help teach and rehabilitate children.

The house pet was a parrot who greeted you with a friendly “Hola.” The parrot was quite charming, as he also shouted “burro” and “vamanos.” However, after the first 10 minutes, his screaming interrupted my eating (ok, ok devouring) of the complimentary cheese, and wasn’t so cute any longer! If you ever get the chance to go out there, do it.

I found this out after returning, but El Quelite, is also known for “el Criadero”. El Criadero  is a man who raises chickens solely for cock-fights and has the biggest farm in all northeast Mexico. While our tweet-up group was enroute to the restaurant, we actually passed the farm where the chickens were raised. As we passed, we all thought it was a traditional chicken farm for eggs. Everyone, including myself, was so impressed and happy to see that the chickens were not caged and that they were being raised in a “humane environment” each with their own little huts. Haha, ironic the truth. I would have liked to visit just to learn a little more about this ‘Mexican sport’. It has always really interested me.

There is more than meets the eye in this little town of El Quelite. I wish I could have spent more time there as there are other things to discover, and it is always refreshing and interesting to go into these little towns and get away from the ‘city life’

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