Dolores Hidalgo, an Air of Freedom

Dolores Hidalgo, the city named the Cradle of Mexican Independence, is a Magic Town often passed by on the road between Guanajuato to San Miguel Allende. Full of flavor and charm, this colonial town in Mexico should not be missed.

Dolores Hidalgo; the famous balcony

Recently I took a trip to Guanajuato City and San Miguel Allende, two of Mexico’s most beautiful colonial cities recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in the state of Guanajuato. Only an hour drive apart from each other, I knew these cities to be very popular for both Mexican and American travelers alike. While I found them to be both enchanting and beautiful with their majestic architecture and spectacular atmosphere,  I found something even more impressive that lies between them; Dolores Hidalgo, another colonial town and the birthplace of Mexico’s Independence.

While not visited frequently by tourists, Dolores Hidalgo is located equidistant between Guanajuato and San Miguel Allende. A short exit takes you straight to the heart of the city where instantly you can feel the spirit of independence lingering in the air. Although now quiet with residents going on with their daily lives, it was effortless to imagine it 201 years ago where Father Miguel Hidalgo delivered his famous Grito, or Cry for Independence, from the balcony of the Parroquia de Dolores that began Mexico’s struggle for freedom against the Spanish rule.

Father Hidalgo Monument

Along with the large statue of Father Hidalgo in the middle of the plaza, the whole city itself is symbolic. It also hosts the Hidalgo Home Museum that recreates the 18-century period which serves as a backdrop for old Independence War documents and some of the founding father’s belongings (including his ashes in an urn!)

Besides the cities blast from the past reminders of heroic deeds, it really is just a lovely colonial town with friendly people. On every corner in the zócalo, you will find ice creams very unique to Dolores Hidalgo. Not your typical “La Michoacana”, their claim to culinary fame are the exotic flavors of ice cream and sorbets, like shrimp, chicharron, tequila, beer, avocado, rose petals and mole! Another unique snack to this area is guasana, or green garbanzo beans which were being peddled around on carts everywhere. Covered with lime, salt, and salsa, bags of guasanas were in almost everyone’s hands including mine!


Interesting Ice Cream

A quick 20 minute stroll around the zócalo is enough to discover the charms and savor the flavors of this Magic Town. While traveling in Guanajuato, it is a stop that should not be overlooked. It’s beauty and colonial architecture combined with its people who proudly safeguard their treasures of Mexican identity make this truly a special and unique spot in Mexico.

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