Christmas in Cabo

Hilton Los Cabos

In 2010 I won a 3 night stay at the Hilton Los Cabos for entering a contest called “Hilton Appreciation Vacation” where I recorded a video of me doing a ridiculous rap about someone who deserves a vacation. Despite how incredibly embarrassing it was to have thousands of people see it on this Facebook contest, I came in second place and won the chance to go to Cabo!

I used the certificate in mid-December that year to take my Mom to Los Cabos for some much deserved r&r and because we always travel around Christmas.  The Hilton is located in the area called “the Corridor”, a 20-mile stretch that connects Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Despite high season, we felt this tranquil and luxurious hotel was our own paradise. Most beaches in the Corridor are not swimable but the Hilton had a small break that allowed for wading and it was the most beautiful turquoise color that I was not expecting. The way these shades from the Sea of Cortes blended flawlessly with the infinity pool made it one of the most spectacular resorts I have ever stayed at.

This was a big trip for our Mother-Daughter bonding as I was moving out of country the week following our return… and half way during this trip it would be the first time she would meet my “foreign boyfriend” who I had been dating and escaping to Mexico to see for a year and a half prior.

The first day, Mom and I just layed poolside enjoying each others company and the beautiful sunshine that tagged along.  We appreciated the delicious and varying menu we were unaccustomed to at the usual all-inclusive resorts we’ve stayed at in the past. This is one thing I found very unique to all the resorts in Los Cabos,  it is rare to find one all-inclusive. As we relaxed in our plush chairs, staff would come by misting us with Evian water and offering us fresh popsicles. It was a real treat. The breeze was refreshing against the hot and dry weather and surprisingly at night it fell chilly enough for a sweater.

Sushi Poolside? Yes, please!


The only thing on our agenda away from the resort was to discover San Jose del Cabo. A contrast from the “other Cabo”,  San Jose had old Mexican charm with it’s city plaza and old historic buildings. As we strolled around the beautiful Main Plaza and Historic District we also found an interesting array of shops, boutiques and art galleries. To our delight, it was lit up with Christmas lights and decorations, spreading the Holiday festiveness that made it feel like December.

What I found fascinating about the destination is that  each of the three areas had its own advantages and niches, offering visitors a chance to create the exact kind of Mexican experience they want. San Jose del Cabo, for those who enjoy a slower pace more authentic Mexican vacation, The Corridor, full of top-notch luxury resorts and championship golf courses, and Cabo San Lucas, the bustling city and glamorous party life that we envision when we hear “Cabo”.

On the fourth day, Eddy arrived to Cabo and it was time for us to switch hotels to The Ridge. I was nervous to have the two most important people in my life meet, but also very excited as they are also my best friends. Although anxious to get Mom’s approval, I also felt bittersweet to have our Mother-Daughter vacation end. It was one for the records as I remember nothing but good-times, laughter and love at this luxury resort.


Holidays at the Hilton


Merry Christmas!

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