Aguas Termales Hotels — Chignahuapan and Comanjilla

 Aguas termales hotels in Mexico are few and far between but I was able to enjoy the warm spring waters at hotels in Puebla and Guanajuato. If you are looking for a hotel in Leon or a hotel in Silao, Hotel Mision Comanjilla is a great option. 

Pools filled with mineral rich hot spring water

Chignahuapan and Comanjilla, aren’t those fun to say? I recently had the chance to visit both of these cities and was in for a surprise as I experienced for the first time aguas termales (thermal waters). Thermal waters a.k.a. hot springs are produced by the spouting of geothermally heated groundwater from the Earth’s crust and because they are saturated with an abundance of minerals, it is believed that they have therapeutic and rehab powers. According to Wikipedia, Mexico only has a handful of these aguas termales and the ones I visited had awesome hotels and swimming facilities incorporated into them! So let me break down for you the two properties and why I think they deserve a visit! [Read more…]