Visiting La Merced in Mexico City

One of my favorite things about living in Mexico City is the territorial diversity. From the heart of the city stretching to the outlying suburbs,  there are an assortment of lifestyles,  history, scenery and then some. No matter how much time you spend here – no matter what you think you’ve seen – Mexico always surprises you.  In an effort to get to know my new surroundings, I  made it a goal to visit all 21 of the Barrios Mágicos (Magical Neighborhoods) of Mexico City. There are some that I visit frequently, like Roma-Condesa and Cuajimalpa; and others that I had never heard of, like Mixquic, that are just a delight to explore.  In this adventure, I marked off my tenth magic barrio, La Merced.

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XelHa or Xcaret

Want to know the difference between Xelha and Xcaret?  If you’re like me and find yourself short on money and/or time on your upcoming trip to Cancun and can only choose one eco-park,  let me help you pick!

Beautiful Xcaret

In the last ten years,  I have had the pleasure of visiting Cancun and the Riviera Maya a total of seven times. I always called it “Mexico’s Gateway Destination” and after a three year break of discovering other places and beaches in Mexico,  I finally returned to the crystal blue waters of the Riviera Maya. One thing that was on my to-do list was to visit one of the several eco-parks, something I had never done on my many spring break trips. I knew I wanted to see either Xelha or Xcaret , but I couldn’t decide which one or tell the real difference between them. I found myself asking the same question I am sure many vacationers strapped for time ask themselves, “Xelha or Xcaret?”

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Dolores Hidalgo, an Air of Freedom

Dolores Hidalgo, the city named the Cradle of Mexican Independence, is a Magic Town often passed by on the road between Guanajuato to San Miguel Allende. Full of flavor and charm, this colonial town in Mexico should not be missed.

Dolores Hidalgo; the famous balcony

Recently I took a trip to Guanajuato City and San Miguel Allende, two of Mexico’s most beautiful colonial cities recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites in the state of Guanajuato. Only an hour drive apart from each other, I knew these cities to be very popular for both Mexican and American travelers alike. While I found them to be both enchanting and beautiful with their majestic architecture and spectacular atmosphere,  I found something even more impressive that lies between them; Dolores Hidalgo, another colonial town and the birthplace of Mexico’s Independence. [Read more…]

Mexico City – There’s No Place Like Home

Moving to Mexico City, or even visiting Mexico City, can be quite intimidating as one of the largest foreign lands in the world, but it shouldn’t be. There are more familiarities from home than you think, making you feel like you never left Kansas.

My new home in Mexico's Metropolis. Photo via

One of the world’s largest cities, Mexico City, is not as intimidating and foreign as you may think. Recently, I’ve been coming across some articles with titles such as ”Misconceptions about Mexico City” and as I read through them, I won’t lie, I too once had some of the same ideas. Dirty, dangerous, poor and crowded is what often came to mind when I told my family I was moving to Mexico’s capital, Distrito Federal (D.F.). Before moving to D.F. I was a little apprehensive as to how I would assimilate because even though I visited many times, I still had my own misconceptions. For vacations, I always would wander the “touristy” areas; Coyoacan, Xochimilco, Basilica de Guadalupe, the  Zócalo, etc. and I thought my living environment would have that same authentic Mexican vibe. As I am settling in though, I am realizing there are far more familiarities from home in the USA than I could have EVER imagined!

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United Mexico, Their Independence Day Traditions

‘How does Mexico celebrate their Independence Day’ is a question I got the answers to as for the first time, I prepare to celebrate Mexico’s 201st Birthday in-country.  

In Mexico, September is known as “Mes de la Patria” (month of the homeland) and this year they celebrate their 201st anniversary of their independence from the Spanish. Now I know you’re probably asking yourself, “wasn’t Cinco de Mayo their Independence Day? What did I drink all that tequila for?” Well actually, no, 5 de Mayo is not their Independence Day! In fact ironically, Mexico doesn’t even celebrate it much as the USA does… but come September, you will see all of Mexico join together as the country is painted red, white, and green (colors of the Mexican flag). [Read more…]

Mexico Today: Proof of the Importance of Having a Passion

I am a firm believer in the power of a strong passion and the Law of Attraction; dreams can and will come true as long as you have them. ‘Mexico Today’ is my personal proof.

I think a lot of people around my age often lack a passion, dream, and goal when it comes to entering "the real world".. that awkward stage of just graduating college and becoming a "young professional" can rapidly turn into something you ultimately love as long as you know what you stand for and what you want in life...The rest will all fall into place, I promise.

I think a lot of people around my age often lack a passion, dream, and goal when it comes to entering “the real world”.. that awkward stage of just graduating college and becoming a “young professional” can rapidly turn into something you ultimately love as long as you know what you stand for and what you want in life…The rest will all fall into place, I promise.

Sueña. Esfuérzate. Triunfa.  Dream. Strive. Achieve.; three simple words, my motto, that got me where I am today.

In the summer of 2009, I first acquainted myself with the [MEXICO] brand from a map I picked up from the local toursist office when I was living in Puebla. I always knew I wanted to move to Mexico but I was never sure how, what, when, where or why. I looked for a reliable moving company and learned more about New Zealand Van Lines moving services. I figured I would take the secure route and just be a hotel activites staff, until that logo and that map made me realize I should never settle and I needed to reach for the stars.

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The Truth About “Mexico, The Place You Thought You Knew”

Mexico’s slogan “Mexico, The Place You Thought You Knew” is now more appropriate than ever, as industry professionals are challenging the negative misconceptions and shining light to the positive Mexico.

Mexico Campaign

Mexico, The Place You Thought You Knew

After Mexico’s first big hit to tourism in 2009 due to Swine Flu reports, Mexico knew it had to quickly take action to recover a decline in tourists. Releasing a welcome back video and being commended by president Obama for how the well the crisis was handled, Mexico started seeing a recuperation of their numbers in early 2010 and it looked like Mexico had weathered the storm.  Shortly after Gloria Guevara took place as the new Secretary of Tourism, The Mexico Tourism Board  launched a new campaign and initiative,  “Mexico, The Place You Thought You Knew”. These were a set of advertisements to arouse the curiosity of tourists by showcasing not only beach destinations,  but also the natural wonders, modern aspects and cultural hertiage that some people may have never tought exitsted in Mexico. With this they also revealed “the Routes of Mexico” which were 10 touristic  routes that connected the 31 states and Mexico City.  However, right around this time also began the slew of media reports about increased drug-related violence in Mexico. The reports started again negatively impacting tourists decisions to visit Mexico, painting mexico with one large brush instead pinpointing the trouble (border) areas. This came as a bad time, as the campaign was aimed at convincing tourist to venture beyond the beaches. The new initiaves that The Mexico Tourism Board put forth were starting to receive criticism. [Read more…]