Desierto de los Leones

Wondering what to do in Mexico City that isn’t in most tourist guides? Desierto de los Leones National Park is the most underrated place for picture perfect natural beauty, history, and great eats!

Ex-Convento del Desierto de los Leones

When people think of the parks and green areas of Mexico City, what usually comes to mind first is Chapultepec Park. While Chapultpec is on most tourist’s to-do list alongside other modern and ancient attractions, what usually is overlooked is Desierto de los Leones National Park. It is hands down my absolute favorite getaway located just outside the business district of Santa Fe, inside the limits of Mexico City (Cuajimalpa). A true sight of natural beauty and fresh air, it is a refreshing contrast to the bustling life of the millions that engulf the megalopolis every day. [Read more…]