Aguas Termales Hotels — Chignahuapan and Comanjilla

 Aguas termales hotels in Mexico are few and far between but I was able to enjoy the warm spring waters at hotels in Puebla and Guanajuato. If you are looking for a hotel in Leon or a hotel in Silao, Hotel Mision Comanjilla is a great option. 

Pools filled with mineral rich hot spring water

Chignahuapan and Comanjilla, aren’t those fun to say? I recently had the chance to visit both of these cities and was in for a surprise as I experienced for the first time aguas termales (thermal waters). Thermal waters a.k.a. hot springs are produced by the spouting of geothermally heated groundwater from the Earth’s crust and because they are saturated with an abundance of minerals, it is believed that they have therapeutic and rehab powers. According to Wikipedia, Mexico only has a handful of these aguas termales and the ones I visited had awesome hotels and swimming facilities incorporated into them! So let me break down for you the two properties and why I think they deserve a visit!

If you visit springs in Mexico, you're most likely to hear the term "donde nace el agua" which literarlly means "where the water is born".

Hotel Mision Comanjilla
In Guanajuato, between Leon and Silao, you will find a random exit that leads you to Comanjilla — at the end of that road, Hotel Mision Comanjilla appears! The hotel is completely gated off and monitored by security, but once you enter, beautiful arches, flowers, and a fountain appear that lead your way to the reception area. When we arrived, the hotel was full because they were hosting two family reunions and a convention — but even with a full house, the property was so big that it felt we had the place to ourselves. On the hotel grounds we found two pools (both delightfully warm spring water), two jacuzzis,  a restaurant, two bars, tons of green areas, a temazcal (the only one in Mexico to use the steam from the aguas termales) and a spa. They also lend their guests bikes where they can ride 1km through the property and through the mountains. Setting my bags down in my room,  I headed to the bathroom where I found a big and deep jetted bathtub. Score!  Some suites come with an additional outdoor jacuzzi (again, all thermal spring water).

Next to the hotel is the Comanjilla Waterpark (balenario en español) and I was excited to be told that guests of Hotel Mision get to use the facilities without charge. Double score! An additional pool, a giant wave pool, six slides, theraputic soaking rooms, and a children’s area were found in the waterpark. I am kind of a weirdo when it comes to pools and being dirty (one too many spring break’s in Cancun!), but I was told that they clean and refill the pools once a week, so that made me really happy. Between the private pools at the hotel and the public pools at the park, what was really peculiar is they were each different temperatures, ranging from a hot bath to a little bit colder than room temperature. I liked that — especially because it was about 90 degrees and the last thing I wanted to do was be in a hot jacuzzi.  Everyone at Hotel Mision and the waterpark  went out of their way to make sure we were well attended to. It was a perfect R&R stay.


Hotel Aguas Termales Chignahuapan
In Puebla, just a little south of the Magical Town, Zacatlan, is the lovely town of Chignahuapan. Hoping to become a Magic Town themselves, Chignahuapan has a lot of things to discover– their aguas termales being one of them. Hotel y Aguas Termales Chignahuapan is found not too far from the city center and is a huge complex of facilities that overlooks a beautiful view. The hotel is quite big and has different rooms and price points so guests have the option to experience a luxurious, romantic stay or a cheap, getaway. The hotel portion – exclusive to guests – has a restaurant,  bar, video game room, live music on weekend, spa, meditation rooms,  a temazcal and bonfire area. They also give their guests the option of being led on a nature walk though the forest!

The ‘water park’ portion of the hotel  has too many pools to count: outdoor, indoor, private, public, individual, children, therapeutic, etc. I think my favorite pool was the indoor one reserved for guests of the hotel only. It was really pretty, as if you were at a luxury resort next to the ocean and the temperature of the water was just right! When I was visiting, only about half of the pools were open because they rotate them during the week when it is slow because each pool gets emptied and cleaned weekly. The water in every pool was more or less consistently the same temperature, like a very warm bath– excluding the indoor pools, they were much hotter! I only spent a few hours at this hotel, but it was all I needed for calming, relaxing mineral bath!





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