About Me

At the age of 12, I developed a love for Mexico at first sight and since then it was my dream to move to Mexico to live and work.  Visiting Mexico frequently, I became infatuated with the culture, the colors, the people, and the cuisine. I wanted to share with others my passion for the Mexico that I knew and all the beauty it encompassed.

After 4 quick years at Central Michigan University I managed to specialize in 4 areas to compliment my love of travel:  Commerical Recreation/ Leisure and Tourism, Spanish Language, Hospitality Administration, and Event Planning. Pre-graduation, I was eager to start being involved with promoting Mexican tourism and I immersed myself in an internship with The Mexico Tourism Board in Chicago where my enthusiasm grew with every passing day as I learned everything Mexico. Those six bright letters [MEXICO] made my heart beat faster.

At 22, the very entrance of my professional career, I achieved the goal of living and working in Puerto Vallarta. After 10 months at the beach, I decided it was time to move inland and I now live in Mexico City. My current projects include being a Mexico Today contributor, handling social media and online marketing for Journey Mexico, and taking classes at UNAM in hopes to master the Spanish language.

I aspire to provide support in helping others discover Mexico and explore the beautiful country through any platform possible.

Any questions or comments, please contact me via twitter @MexicanAtHeartJ or e-mail JessMexicanAtHeart@gmail.com.

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